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"Glawdys N'Dee...  has created a gem of a record that will surely stand the test of time"

-Hrayr Attarian - All About Jazz





"...The priestess of Karukera (Guadeloupe)..."

- Luigi Elongi Rosati, AMINA MAGAZINE (Feb 01, 2012) - FRANCE





“The impressive Lyannaj heralds a Chicago artist of unusual depth and world-class promise. ”

- Neil Tesser, Chicago Jazz Music Examiner (Feb 08, 2010) - USA





"...she's a strong voice for the African musical diaspora, and Lyannaj is a very well-produced statement, demonstrating her vibrancy..."

- Howard Mandel - President of the Jazz Journalists Association, Jazz Journalists Association - USA





"This Chicago-based Guadaloupean songstress leavens the traditional Creole music of her homeland with jazz sensibility, and spices jazz standards with the florescent atmosphere of the island nation..."






"...A majestic voice..."

- Luigi Elongi Rosati, AMINA MAGAZINE (Feb 01, 2012) - FRANCE





"N'Dee's debut 2009 album, Lyannaj, was a stunner..."






“Lyannaj was selected by one of The Best Vocal Album and Best Chicago's Recordings of 2010”

- Brad Walseth, - USA -





"...La pretresse de Karukera (Guadeloupe)..."

- Luigi Elongi Rosati, AMINA MAGAZINE (Feb 01, 2012) - FRANCE - FRANCE





"... La grande dame des Caraibes..."

- Luigi Elongi Rosati, AMINA MAGAZINE (Feb 01, 2012) - FRANCE - FRANCE





"...she is very authentic in what she does...and very knowledgeable.."

- Former Miles Davis Musical Director and Pianist, Robert Irving III - USA - USA





"...Une voix majestueuse..."

- Luigi Elongi Rosati, AMINA MAGAZINE (Feb 01, 2012) - USA -





"Glawdys N’Dee Enlightens Community and the World With Afro-Caribbean Sound".

- Tony Binns, Rolling Out Magazine - Atlanta, Georgia - USA (Dec 21, 2011)





"De sa voix puissante et chaude, Glawdys n’Dee proclame le Lyannaj des cultures."

- Christophe Jenny, Le Bananier Bleu Magazine - French West Indies - GUADELOUPE





"Voilà une artiste qui a su s’exporter sans vendre son âme".

- Le P'tit Makrel Magazine - France, Le P'tit Makrel Magazine - FRANCE





"...The Nina Simone of the Caribbeans..."

- Microfundo, Microfundo (Aug 09, 2010) - USA - USA





“Her generous singing...overflows with the feeling of the blooming of a large flower as an icon of the style of Creole blues..”

- Bruce Furenchi, Samurai latino ( (Dec 14, 2009) - JAPAN





"...N’Dee’s so-called “cross-cultural vision” is the Unity and Diversity of Life she craves..."

- Minchie Israel, The Woodshed (Dec 14, 2010) - US VIRGIN ISLAND





"...for N’Dee, the earthy and mesmerizing jazz and “world music” vocalist who now lives here, each side of every Chicago street has been washed in sunlight..."






"Sa voix est intense. Sa musique est une fusion entre différents genres musicaux allant de la musique créole à la musique africaine en passant par le jazz, le blues et les sons cubains..."

- Véronique Martin-Place, FRANCE USA MEDIA (Dec 15, 2010) - USA - USA





"From Guadaloupe to Cape Verde and soul to jazz, Glawdys N'Dee fuses a distinctive sound and style"

- Neil Tesser, Chicago Jazz Music Examiner (Feb 28, 2009) - USA





“Lyannaj offers an effusive and an uplifting collection of songs transcending from various cultures with a fresh, modern approach and the authentic tradition of its ancestors.”

- Microfundo (Aug 09, 2010) - USA





"N'Dee has hit upon a winning combination here by combining her strong voice with multicultural styles and a positive uplifting message"

- Brad Walseth, (Oct 27, 2010) - USA





“She has the voice of a lioness and a throaty, mocha timbre, and she wields them with the flexibility of a juju dancer.”

- Neil Tesser, Chicago Jazz Music Examiner (Feb 08, 2010) - USA





“N’Dee’s vocal style has a restrained intensity, a quality shared by the lineage of jazz singers that stretches from Billie Holiday through Nina Simone.”

- Neil Tesser, Chicago Jazz Music Examiner (Feb 08, 2010) - USA





“The production and musicianship is top notch throughout, with a wealth of percussion, flute, sax, winds and keys -- with Glawdys's wonderful vocals exuding a relaxed, graceful beauty out front.”

- Dusty Groove America - USA





“A wonderful and soulfully resonant set songs from Glawdys N'Dee -- influenced by her Creole roots and a wide world of global soul sounds -- sung with sweetness and warmth...”

- Dusty Groove America - USA





“Her generous singing voice is a vital force in the earth ...”

- Bruca Furenchi, Samurai latino  (Dec 14, 2009) - USA)





“LYANNAJ....20 BEST ALBUMS of the year 2009 in JAPAN!!! Samurai Latino CD Review”

- Samurai Latino - JAPAN





"...This music is very eclectic,..It definitely has a piece of different parts of the world....It's a very multicultural project..."

- Darwin Noguera, Pianist NICARAGUA/USA





"...Glawdys is a talented musician...She has a whole idea for this music...She is very clear about what she wants...."

- Victor Miranda, Bass Player CUBA/USA





"...c'est une musique de l'avenir...destinee a s'ouvrir aux peuples,..a reunir toute une diaspora..."

- Frantz Flereau, percussionist GUADELOUPE/FRANCE





"....It's like a blend of Africa,..definitely a foundation of Africa with modern harmonic sounds and fusion...I felt really honored and it was a great pleasure to be on this project..."

- Darwin Noguera, Pianist NICARAGUA/USA





"When I'm in the studio with her, even if I'm dead tired,....There's something about her energy..She gives me some of it and I put what I get from it on the track..."

- Herb Walker, guitar player , Chicago USA





"Glawdys' music energizes me... When we were in the studio, it jumped off the tracks!!! Drums came out of nowhere!!..I'm telling you , it is great!!"

- Herb Walker, "guitar player Chicago USA





"Her voice is powerful...she always sounds as strong when she starts the beginning of a note until its end.....She is a powerful singer"

- Fred Jackson, Saxophonist Chicago USA





“From the very first song that I heard, I started to get excited... it was like having a meal, with a few courses, the courses went on , I said, "I like that, let me try some of this... I can't wait to get on stage with her!!!"”

- Herb Walker, "guitarist" - USA USA





"...les cultures sont rassemblees, les continents vont se toucher..."





"...un delice musical...on y parcourt tout un univers musical...on passe de la tradition au modernisme...."
- Fabrice "FRISSON", - LONDON/UK