Glawdys N'Dee was featured on France O, one of France's largest television production / broadcaster companies, as a part of a project in the USA, to highlight Glawdys N'Dee's remarkable musical journey.
“Lyannaj was selected by one of The Best Vocal Album and Best Chicago Recordings of 2010” -  Brad Walseth,
Acclaimed Grammy Award Jazz Critic Neil Tesser says: "She has the voice of a lioness..."
Glawdys N'Dee appears as a Consultant and Guest Speaker at the "Journées de la Diffusion et de la Promotion des Musiques et Danses de Guadeloupe" Conference - French West Indies.
Glawdys N'Dee appears at the prestigious Chicago 33rd Annual ChicagoJazz Festival
 French Magazine AMINA calls her: "The priestess of Karukera (Guadeloupe)... A majestic voice..." (CD review: Luigi Elongi Rosati) - Photo credits: Farrad Ali . All Rights Reserved.
It is in the Caribbean, on the island of Guadeloupe that Afro-Caribbean Vocalist and Songwriter, GLAWDYS N’ DEE, began her musical and cultural odyssey that would ultimately evolve into a Vision.

From an early age, GLAWDYS was influenced by her mother’s musical taste and by the rhythms of her native land. She grew up in an environment rich in musical and cultural diversity. Additionally, while training with legendary Creole singer, Daniel Forestal, she was introduced to a new sound to her young ears: the music of Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and other jazz greats.

While performing as a member of the gospel music group “Differences”, Glawdys walked onto a European stage for the first time. She was quickly elevated from background singer to the role of soloist, and performed at many events including the Jazz festival de la Defense and The Blues Festival du Creusot.
Her rapid ascent and success on the Parisian scene caused her to travel - this time, from The City of Lights to the US. In America, her voice, powerful, intense and rich in versatility, quickly won over the public.

In 2010, her ground breaking debut CD, entitled LYANNAJ (meaning To Win Over, To Connect, To Unite in Solidarity), recorded in Chicago USA,  received instant acclamation and was selected by one of The Best Vocal Album and Best Chicago's Recordings of 2010”.

Through the frontiers of our minds and beyond the borders of our lands, LYANNAJ is a place where everyone can feel at home. With a core message of self-awareness, self-esteem, tolerance and personal growth - it is an offering to celebrate the unity and diversity of Life.

Nationally-renowned Grammy Winner music critic Neil Tesser: writes: "…the impressive Lyannaj heralds a Chicago artist of unusual depth and world-class promise. …N’Dee’s vocal style has a restrained intensity, a quality shared by the lineage of jazz singers that stretches from Billie Holiday through Nina Simone."
Additionally, LYANNAJ is listed as 1 of 20 top albums of 2009 by Samurai Latino (Japan), whose reviewer  Bruca Furenchi writes:  “her generous singing voice is large-hearted…as a vital force in the earth…it overflows with the feeling of the blooming of a large flower as an icon of the style of Creole blues…”

Miles Davis former musical Director and Pianist, Robert Irving III says: "...she is very authentic in what she does...and very knowledgeable.."
Sung in three main languages LYANNAJ, has welcomed world renown guest artists such as acclaimed Cuban bass player Victor Miranda , guitarist Herb Walker, Nicaraguan pianist Darwin Alejandro Noguera, Chicago's own pianist, Calvin Koko Brunson, bass player and cellist Larry Gray and great percussionist, Frantz Flereau from Guadeloupe, among others.

Also known as “The New Voive of the Caribbean” GLAWDYS N’DEE, seamlessly incorporates traditional, modern, sacred and secular with the intent to explore and develop new cross-cultural visions, while never abandoning the spirit and roots the Caribbean.

Her Vision is the result of the culmination of years of musical study, personal growth, and global awareness. GLAWDYS’ music filters the language of humanity, rhythm and music, creating a sound that is timeless, innovative and uniquely her own. Echoing the title of its debut album “LYANNAJ”, the music of GLAWDYS N’DEE is truly a “Celebration of Life, Diversity and People.”
Convinced that the arts could be used as a powerful voice to positively impact humanity, GLAWDYS is also a dedicated philanthropist.
In 2O12, Ms. GLAWDYS N'DEE founded the first GWADLOUP INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CHICAGO/USA, and became the Cultural Art Ambassador for this world premiere and unique event that stamped Guadeloupe’s distinctive cultural footprint in the celebrated multicultural heritage of Chicago (
As a result, in 2014, she was invited at the "Journées de la Diffusion et de la Promotion des Musiques et Danses de Guadeloupe" International Conference in the French West Indies/Caribbeans, as a Guest Speaker and Consultant.
Aside from her musical career and philanthropic engagements, Ms N'Dee is also a member of the American Society of Ethnomusicology.
Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Musicology-Ethnomusicology at Paris Sorbonne University.